Low Country Mountaineers
2021 - 2022 Board of Directors

President: Sara Roth - Mount Pleasant

Vice President: Jason Cooper – James Island

Treasurer: Mary Leonard – Murrels Inlet

Secretary: Vacant

Social & Game Watch Chairs: Jason Eary - Mount Pleasant

Membership Recruitment & Scholarship Chair: Vacant

Community Service Chairs: Vacant

Communications & Marketing Chair – Erica Gracie – Mount Pleasant

South Carolina Low Country Chapter Constitution
West Virginia University Alumni Association


Section 1. Name

The name of this organization shall be the South Carolina Low Country Chapter, West Virginia University Alumni Association.


Section 1. Purpose

The purpose of this Chapter shall be to promote, by organized effort, the interests and welfare of West Virginia University; to encourage closer fellowship among alumni, former students, and friends of the University in this area; to cooperate as West Virginia Alumni, in supporting and developing the civic activities of this community; to establish and maintain close contact and better understanding between the University and its graduates and former students in this locality. This Chapter is formed as a non-profit, social organization.


Section 1. Membership

Any graduates, former students, former residents of West Virginia, or individuals who show interest in the University may become active members of this Chapter.

Section 2. Dues

An assessment of $15.00 per individual will be charged to all members of this Chapter per year commencing August 1st through July 31st. A lifetime membership will also be available for $100.00 per person. This assessment will be used to defray operating and program expenses of the Chapter.


Section 1. Board of Directors

The Board of Directors shall consist of the officers of the Chapter, and the appointed members (Social & Game Watch Chair, Membership Recruitment & Scholarship Chair, Community Service Chair, and Communications & Marketing Chair).  

Section 2. Officers

The officers of this Chapter shall consist of (a President, a Vice President, a Secretary, and a Treasurer).

Section 3. Appointed Chairs

The appointed positions of the Chapter shall consist of Social & Game Watch Chair, Membership Recruitment & Scholarship Chair, Community Service Chair, and Communications & Marketing Chair. These positions may be filled on a volunteer basis. If more than one Chapter member volunteers for each position, the officers shall make the appointment decision.

Section 4. Elections

The election of officers shall be held at an annual meeting called for this purpose. The meeting may be held in conjunction with another activity but the intention to hold elections must be clearly spelled out to all members. The elections may take place electronically if needed.  


Section 1. Duties of Board of Directors

(a) This group shall be the governing Board of the Chapter. Meetings of the Board of Directors shall be called at the discretion of the President, and the Secretary shall be responsible for reporting such meetings at subsequent Chapter meetings. The President of the Chapter shall be the chair of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors shall include the appointed members (Social & Game Watch Chair, Membership Recruitment & Scholarship Chair, Community Service Chair, and Communications & Marketing Chair).

Section 2. Duties of Officers

(a) President. Provides leadership and direction to the chapter. Maintains regular contact with WVU Alumni Association Liaison, Represents the chapter and local community of West Virginia University, serves as chief ambassador to West Virginia University along with their constituency and local community, Serves as the main contact for local WVU constituents, Convenes, sets agenda for and presides over all Board and general meetings, Oversees Board, ensuring that proper records are maintained and archived.

(b) Vice President. In the absence or disability of the President, or at his request, the Vice President shall perform the duties of the President. If the office of the President becomes vacant, he/she shall become President until the next annual election. Vice President additionally serves as secondary contact for WVU constituents interested in the chapter.

(c) Secretary. All official minutes of the business meeting(s) of the Chapter must be kept by the Secretary. The Secretary shall give public notice of meetings of the Chapter, including a notice to the West Virginia University Alumni Association. The secretary shall maintain an active chapter roster of current members and a copy furnished to Alumni headquarters if requested. The secretary will also maintain the Business Network listing and update as needed. *The Secretary shall use the alumni list only for Chapter and West Virginia University Alumni Association activities and elections, and shall never, under any circumstances, release the list for outside commercial or potential commercial activities.

(d) Treasurer. This officer shall be responsible for all receipts and expenditures of the Chapter and shall cooperate and assist the Secretary with the records. The Treasurer shall be responsible for the collection of any dues. The Treasurer shall be responsible for making an annual financial report at the annual meeting of the Chapter.

Section 3. Duties of Appointed Board of Director Positions

(a)Social & Game Watch Chair. The Social/Game Watch Chair shall be responsible for coordinating social actives and promoting them throughout the Chapter and the community. The chair will also be responsible for assisting in setting up game watches and maintaining contact with the game watch hosting establishment before, during and after the event. Assists in planning the BBQ Bash, holiday parties, happy hours and other events. 

(b)Membership Recruitment & Scholarship Chair. The Membership Recruitment & Scholarship Chair shall direct all recruitment activities pertaining to the chapter as well as recruiting future students at West Virginia University. Increasing chapter membership is his/her primary responsibility. Additionally, they will work closely with West Virginia University Admissions to get proper training to attend local college fairs in the area as well as recruiting other Chapter members to attain the training and participate in college fairs. 

(c)Community Service Chair. The Community Service Chair shall be responsible for coordinating and organizing efforts to participate in events that promote the improvement of the chapter and the Charleston area community. This position should also keep records of all community service hours performed by chapter members.  

(d)Communications & Marketing Chair. The Communications & Marketing Chair will be responsible for documenting and promoting Chapter events; this will include social media postings (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, etc.), ensuring photographs are taken at events. He/she will work with the President to keep the chapter homepage updated and supplied with current information. He/she will coordinate with the Secretary to retrieve minutes and newsletters which will be posted via the Internet and updated in a timely manner. Will work closely with the other Board of Directors to ensure all information and activities are communicated to the membership. 


Section 1. Number of Meetings

At least four Chapter meetings a year shall be held. At least one shall be designated as a business meeting.

Section 2. Other Meetings

Additional meetings, activities and social functions shall be held at the discretion of the President and/or Board of Directors. The number of meetings should be sufficient to carry out the purpose of the Chapter as outlined in Article II and to maintain the interest and the enthusiasm of the members.

Section 3. Notice of Meetings

Public notice shall be given of all meetings. Extensive media (email, social media, chapter website) coverage will be utilized whenever possible.


Section 1. Amendment

This Constitution may be amended by a majority vote of Chapter members present at any duly called business meeting of the Chapter.

Section 2. Adoption

This Constitution was officially adopted and approved by a majority vote of the members in attendance at the first regular meeting of the Chapter held February 6th 2007 in Charleston, South Carolina.

The Chapter organizing members are: Jason Eary, Rob Allen, Kim Allen, John Halley, Doug VanScoy, Laine Gawthrop, Brian Gawthrop, Stephanie Scales, Nikki Rasnic, Josh Kelly, Parker Leonard, Mary Leonard, Kari Law, Andrew Alden, Rabiya Hasan, Rodney Davis, Kevin Schuller, Kelly Schuller, Lauren Richardson, Warren Chico, Jason Murphy, Donna Murphy, Troy Lawrence, Jonah Jabbour, Sara Roth, Molli Roth, Christopher Chaffin. 


The Bylaws were amended and approved on July 6th, 2018 by all chapter officers, Sara Roth – President, Parker Leonard -Vice President, Mary Leonard – Treasurer and Jason Cooper – Secretary, Molli LeMin – chapter member, Andrea Clements – Community Service Chair, Katie Vickers – chapter member, Barbara Crawford – chapter member & Gary Cooper – chapter member.